Settle District Chamber of Trade

Town Hall, Settle, North Yorkshire BD24 9EJ.  

Tel. (01729) 878163

E mail:

The Settle District Chamber of Trade (SDCoT) is an organisation for owners and managers of businesses that are based within Settle and the surrounding villages.
The principle objective of the Chamber is:
In the furtherance of this objective the Chamber involves itself in the following activities:

  • Campaigning on issues that the Chamber believes will enhance the vitality of the local economy
  • Promoting Settle District as an attractive place to live, work and visit.
  • Working with other local organisations to develop and maintain a community website
  • Producing a newsletter to keep members informed on important local, regional and national issues.
  • Providing help for members
  • Organising Networking and Social Events for members
  • Organising Business Briefings for members
  • Working with other local organisations to organise community events
  • Providing information, advice and support to individuals who are seeking to establish new businesses within the Settle District

If you are interested in joining the Chamber, please contact, for a Membership Application Form or download it here (Chamber Membership Form)

A basic listing of just the business name and location can be added to this website free for any business

Enhanced listings with more details are available free of charge to Settle and District Chamber of Trade Members.

Members can also post their own dedicated advertising posts and blogs etc  – eg.

Membership helps to support this website which aims to be a source of information about Settle and District

Membership rates are pro-rata for parts of the year, so 6 months is half the fee. Membership runs from January to December

more details and an application form are here (Chamber Membership Form) then send your website listing details to once you’ve joined

thank-you for your interest

Settle and District Chamber of Trade

General Enquiries & Chamber Admin
Pat Gibson – 01729 878163
Postal Address Town Hall, Settle, North Yorkshire BD24 9EJ

Steering Committee
Mark Schofield

Jonathan Mounsey

Mark Dale

Andrew Lay

Pat Hartley-Gibson

Richard Jackson (Chair)

Jackie Cole

Steve Matthews

Postal Address: Town Hall, Settle, North Yorkshire BD24 9EJ

Settle & District Chamber of Trade


3 Responses to Settle District Chamber of Trade

  1. B.Baker says:

    Hi susan,
    I was passing through Settle yesterday[Monday] and a picture in a picture framing shop window took my eye but unfortunately the shop was closed, can you provide me with a web site address or phone number for this business I live near Spalding, Lincs. Many thanks,
    Regards Brian

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