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Sustainable Settle searches for home-owners to share £125,000 funding for biomass boilers & solar thermal project

Sustainable Settle, formed in 2012 to help home-owners significantly reduce their heating costs has more than £125,000 funding available towards biomass boiler and solar thermal panel installations.

The Sustainable Settle project is a renewable heat initiative for communities in and around Settle. The project, funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has been organised by local residents and is supported by Craven District Council and CO2Sense. Funding has already been secured from the Government for 25 installations in your area and substantial discounts are available from the project installer Solarwall. Sustainable Settle may gain additional funding to the DECC money, which could mean that the installations are up to fully financed with minimal input from the householder.

There are 2 elements to the scheme:
Renewable heat premium payments (RHPP) – one off payment to help with the cost of installing the technology.
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – regular payments, similar to feed in tariffs (planned for summer 2013)

“It is a fantastic opportunity,” said Sustainable Settle director Ann Harding. “It means the DECC recognises our potential to be a beacon of what can be achieved when people work together.”

Sustainable Settle has been established not just to work on sustainable energy, but to deliver projects that bring lasting benefit to the wider Settle environs and that have a business base. These may include transport, manufacturing, health and social welfare.

“Our aim is to improve the well-being and viability of the community in which we live,” said Mrs Harding. “We particularly want to support people currently off-grid,” she added.

An information event is being held at Clapham Village Hall on Saturday 2nd February between 10am and 1pm.
Alternatively, email or call her on 07854 645922 or contact Kate Gilmartin on 01132378455 or 07702762340 or

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