Castlebergh Crag design

Settle Town Council would like to invite you to provide a quote for the production of a development plan for Castlebergh Crag, Settle, North Yorkshire.

The invitation is open from today until noon on the 4th June 2018.


Castlebergh Crag is the largest outcrop of limestone in Britain. A zigzag footpath leads to the summit of Castlebergh Crag, which offers a great view point over the town of Settle. The Council are inviting bids to prepare feasible design proposals for the development of Castlebergh Crag, inspired by the principles of “outdoor education, art and activities”.


The council is looking for proposals to:

  • Encourage greater use of the site by local people and visitors;
  • Provide a space so that it can be used and enjoyed by everyone – regardless of age, gender or disability.
  • Use the natural and woodland environment to provide exciting and challenging opportunities for children and young people to learn and explore;
  • Celebrate the heritage and uniqueness of the site;
  • Provision of a multi-functional green space that is spatially adaptable and able to host a diverse range of activities, from passive and active recreation, events and performances while still retaining a sense of place;
  • Make best possible use of existing site assets including trees, topography
  • Be maintainable with the minimum of cost;
  • Connect the site with the town centre and other key relevant locations i.e. The Folly

Who may bid?

Any company or individual who are qualified and experienced landscape architects and can demonstrate that they have:

  • Experience in producing feasibility studies and proposals for landscape projects.
  • Previous experience working with agencies / organisations in producing landscape designs.
  • Sufficient technical, financial, human and logistical capacity.



For the full quotation pack please visit our website

and the information can be found under ‘projects’ which is located in the Council Business menu.


Please could you advise the Clerk, Rebecca

if you intend to submit a quotation.


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