Castlebergh Crag Development Plan

Castlebergh Crag Development Plan

Castlebergh Crag Feasibility Study and Development Plan is now going ahead. We would like to congratulate Newground our contractors and look forward to working with them over the next 10-12 weeks. There will be a public consultation on 31st July 5:00pm to 7:00pm in Victoria Hall. Sketches, surveys and plans will be made available for people to comment on. We also like to thank Craven District Council for their help and the grant of £10,000 towards this project. The projects aims are to:-

  • Encourage greater use of the site by local people and visitors;
  • Provide a space so that it can be used and enjoyed by everyone – regardless of age, gender or disability.
  • Use the natural and woodland environment to provide exciting and challenging opportunities for children and young people to learn and explore;
  • Celebrate the heritage and uniqueness of the site;
  • Provision of a multi-functional green space that is spatially adaptable and able to host a diverse range of activities, from passive and active recreation, events and performances while still retaining a sense of place;
  • Make best possible use of existing site assets including trees, topography
  • Be maintainable with the minimum of cost;
  • Connect the site with the town centre and other key relevant locations i.e. The Folly


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