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This Website is run and managed by Settle District Chamber of Trade, as part of it’s ethos to help promote Settle.

Generally, we will attempt to answer any queries sent via this website about the area, or will direct you to where we think the best answer will be found.

If you need to send us any information for Community Events etc – Please send in word format, with any associated jpg’s etc to

For many enquiries, The Tourist Information Centre should be able to advise you:


Tel: 01729 825192
Fax: 01729 824381

Thank you for visiting we hope you come to visit Settle and District

  • Submitting Content

    The website is operated by the Settle & District Chamber of Trade (hereafter referred to as ‘The Chamber’). The purpose of this website is to provide a community forum for the benefit of Settle and district’s visitors, residents and businesses, therefore please ensure any content submitted is ‘in the spirit’ of the website’s purpose.
  • Review Process

    The Chamber’s role is to share information submitted to the website without bias. However, content will be reviewed prior to publication and - if deemed potentially unsuitable - may not be shared. All content will be reviewed in the first instance by the Chamber’s website editor. If the editor believes any content to be potentially unsuitable, the final decision regarding publication will be that of a quorate Steering Group.