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I use health and well-being therapies – The Journey, Quantum Touch, Heart Thread and Circuitry Alignment - to support the body to release physical and emotional blocks to health and well-being, and to promote our natural ability to heal.
Areas of expertise:* Physical Aches and Pains* Cancer* Depression and Low Self-esteem* Grief and loss* Difficult Relationships* Unfulfilled Potential.

Having a holistic therapy is a bit like starting out on a journey. It’s an opportunity to work through the things that have been holding you back and then, on into new ways of being. My approach and the therapies I work with could be the right ‘journey’ for you, if you are looking for:
 A way of working through ‘your stuff’ safely and confidentially
 Therapies that are tailored just for your needs
 A gentle, nurturing and supportive therapist
 Therapies that can be done face to face or at a distance
 Any opportunity to discuss your needs, with a free consultation

The therapies
Journey Therapy – locates and releases memories stored in the body of difficult and challenging past experiences, which unless resolved, reconciled and released can continue to affect our present day lives. Good for: releasing negative beliefs, promoting self-esteem, forgiving and letting go of the past, chronic fatigue, grief and loss, bringing in what we need into our lives.
Quantum Touch – a hands-on healing technique to help clear, raise your energy and increase its flow. Good for: joint and muscle aches and pains, restricted movement, promoting organ function.
Heart Thread – relaxes & releases tension held in the neck and back, with gentle massage and connects us with our own body wisdom to strengthen our belief in ourselves.


Sole To Soul, Grasmere Drive High Bentham LA2 7JP