January meeting and Twitter workshop

January meeting will be on Monday 14th in Ingleton – Laraine Sullivan and Bernie Hope will be hosting. Their business is Bernie & Laraine’s Sessions and they provide training in Basic Life Support.
We will be going to Victoria Hall in Settle in February on a Wednesday but the date is not yet confirmed.
March meeting will be hosted by Jon Brook of Bentham Imaging and will be on Monday 11th March.

To cut down on the emails and make events easier to manage I’m now using Eventbrite for meetings and workshops so please click on the logo below to confirm your attendance at the January meeting. Meetings are free but if you would like to make a contribution you can. If you are thinking of contributing (no pressure!) they do take a bit of commission for each transaction and works out better to do a larger contribution less often rather than several smaller ones.. so if you were thinking of £5 a meeting it would be better if you did £15 a quarter or even £30 every six months. Cheers.





Twitter Training on 23rd January

I suspect many of you have been on social media courses where you get so much information in a short space of time that you actually don’t know where to start… and so you don’t ever do anything about it.

You may not be keen on the idea of using the internet to promote your business but many of your potential customers and competitors are using it. Have a look at this short video from Socialnomics which shows the power and reach of social media.

To get you started Jo Rhodes will be doing another Twitter training course between 2 and 5pm Wednesday 23rd January at The Beehive at Wholesome Bee in Settle. No prior knowledge of twitter is necessary but if you have ‘dabbled’ or not really understood what it is all about then this could help you get your head round it and see how it could be helpful for your business. The afternoon will be £12 and include handouts, please book up using the Eventbrite page and email Jo if you have any questions. jo@jorhodeshomeopathy.co.uk

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