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The Joinery
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Tel: 01729 822292

Settle Stories mission is to collaborate with exceptional artists to create transformative experiences for people and communities.

Stories are the most powerful way to engage, inspire and move people to action. We teach the art of storytelling so you can make a difference. We share stories from diverse cultures across the globe, explore traditional myths and folktales and reveal current stories of today. We present stories through year round events and the largest free storytelling festival globally, Yorkshire Festival of Story

Our live and online workshopsretreats and learning programmes connect people and are open to all. Through our schools programme we work with thousands of school children annually. We work closely with our rural community by co-creating projects to gather people together, bring into focus hidden stories and enable the vulnerable and disinvested to have a voice.

We are an independent arts charity in one of the most rurally isolated parts of the UK. From our venue, The Joinery, we challenge perceptions of art produced in rural areas.

In 2021 we launched Storyversity. The world’s first online platform dedicated to storytelling.

Settle Stories