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Cave Rescue Fundraiser

A sponsored walk and run to raise money for CRO – Support The Mountain and Cave Rescue Team covering the 3 Peaks area of the Yorkshire Dales, by promoting this event to your friends
An event for Runners, Walkers and Families


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Challenge 2012
Challenge 2012 will take place on the 12th May 2012 and there will be limited
numbers for this event, so please book your place early.

This year we have decided to do something different than the usual 3 Peaks walk; instead
we have an option of 2 challenges that you can register for:

1. The Ingleborough Marathon – you can run it or walk it, 26 miles

2. The Clapham Circuit which will be 12-13 miles

Both of these routes will take you along footpaths and tracks seldom used, yet they take in
some of the most attractive areas of the Ribble Valley.

Both routes will start and finish at Clapham. The routes will both go through Austwick,
Wharfe and Sulber Nick. At this point the Clapham Circuit will route back to Clapham via
Long Lane, whereas the Ingleborough Marathon route will go through Horton-in-Ribblesdale, along a section of the Pennine Way & Ribbleway, then cross the valley to Selside. At this point the route will be off the official footpath and on land that the CRO have been given special permission for access only for the 12th May. This route will lead onto Ingleborough itself and then back to Clapham for the finish. Everyone will receive a medal and a certificate with their time that it took them complete the event.

We are asking each participant to raise, either by sponsorship or a personal donation:
a. At least £25 per person for the Ingleborough Marathon or
b. At least £10 per person for the “Clapham Circuit”

Below are instructions on how to create a “Just Giving” webpage which can be used to
collect your sponsorship, or for you to pay your entrance fee. You can create a personal
webpage just for yourself to raise money, or if you prefer a group website. Whichever you
do, can I suggest you add some information to tell people what you are doing i.e.
Ingleborough Marathon or Clapham Circuit, who you are raising the money i.e. the Cave
Rescue Organisation and who they will be sponsoring i.e. list the name of all the people in
your team if you are creating a team website.

If you wish you can use the event to raise money for another charity but if you are doing this,
please can we ask that you collect the money for the other charity separately, as any money
that is paid into this webpage will automatically is paid into the Cave rescue Organisations
bank account.
The aim of the event is not just to raise money for the CRO but just important, it is also for
everyone who takes part to have fun, enjoy the day and learn more about the area of the
Yorkshires that the team covers. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing
you on the 12th May 2012.

How to Create a “Just Giving” Webpage
To help you create a webpage, please follow the instructions below.
1. To help you register we have produced a printable, step by step guide to register and
create your “Just Giving” webpage page. Download this from the challenge page on
our website
2. Now you have the Step by Step Guide click on the link, also on
the challenge page on our website
3. When you have created a webpage, the “Just Giving” site will provide you with a link
that you can email to family, friends and colleagues, so they can sponsor you.
4. Once you have created your fund raising page, you will receive by email from the
CRO with your registration form, (this may take a few days), and we need this to be
completed by everyone taking part in the event; under 18’s will require a parent or
guardian’s signature.
5. Now it’s up to you! – Get out there and get sponsored! If you are raising funds just for
CRO, they can all go through your “Just Giving” page. However, if you are raising
funds for another charity, these cannot be via your “Just Giving” page just
created because any sponsorship collected on this can only go to the CRO.
6. For further information and any questions please contact :
email or phone on 07980 287104
Good luck on your challenge and we look forward to seeing you on the 12th
May 2012

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