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EnterpriseHere in York, North Yorkshire & East Riding

What is a Webinar?

If you have never attended a webinar before, a simple way of thinking of them is that they are seminar that you do not need to travel to. All of EnterpriseHere’s free 40 minute webinars involve:

1. You following a web link and ringing a conference call telephone number. These enable you to see an experts live presentation via your computer’s monitor, and to hear their voice.

2. A Facilitator begins the session by welcoming you, and introducing the expert. They will then explain how to raise questions for the expert during the session. Then for around 20 minutes you will see & hear a live presentation by your chosen expert. This will be tailored it to your needs: based upon the details you have shared with EnterpriseHere when you signed up for the event.

3. For the next 20 minutes the facilitator seeks to ensure your questions are answered, and will provide you with a web link via which you can provide the presenter with direct feedback on the value of the insights they have shared with you.

What is in it for you…

You gain insights on a range of subjects that will be of value wherever you are in the business life cycle:

1st Wednesday of the month webinar
Planning & Finance Themes:

  1. Developing a success plan
  2. Business expenses and capital allowances for the self employed
  3. VAT awareness
  4. Managing your cash flow
  5. First steps as an employer
  6. Changing legal structures
  7. Raising finance and venture capital
  8. Engaging professional advisers

2nd Wednesday of the month webinar
Enterprise Development Themes:

  1. Making the most of a webinar
  2. Do you own your brand
  3. Design delivers for business
  4. Changing legal structures
  5. Accessing R&D funding

3rd Wednesday of the month webinar
Business Development Themes:

  1. Retain and grow your customer base
  2. PR and Social Media
  3. Realising your export potential
  4. Collaborating to compete
  5. Improve speed, cost and quality
  6. Achieving high growth

4th Wednesday of the month webinar:
Resource Development Themes:

  1. First Steps for new employers
  2. Deploying manufacturing best practice
  3. Managing people
  4. Managing change
  5. Engaging professional advisers

To book onto one or more of EnterpriseHere’s FREE webinars go to

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