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How to post a blog/event on this site

You can download this information as a pdf by clicking here

First Step

Go to home page

Welcome to Settle

Open Menu (the three lines top right hand side)


Login / Register

You just need an email address and password to remember.

Wait 3 Days to be approved.

IMPORTANT : We have already set up your business/group as Premium Listing (from the Standard Listing) but need you to email to access / change the details on this for now.

However you can use this log in to post blogs/events etc.

How to post a blog on the website

Once you have registered your business/community group you have to log in

From the Home Page at the top right are 3 lines (hover over and it says) Open Menu

Click, Menu drops down, choose the last one Login/Register

Prompts to Log in

Enter your User Name and Password in these fields and Log in.

On the left hand side is a List of prompts starting with Dashboard, underneath is My Content, click on this, you will now see My Blog Posts.

Click on Submit a New Post

Advisable to read the rules and guidance regarding submitting a post first, to ensure you are within the guidelines laid out for the site. This is when you scroll down the page under the heading submitting content

These instructions are written with the idea that you have already done a blog on your website and you want to generate more traffic to your site. However the same idea can be used for your Facebook page for example. If you do not have either and want to keep it simple then just free type in the fields.

Post Title – Enter this text in here (Cut and Paste if you want from your blog/website title)

Post Content – Enter the text in here, you can post unlimited number of words and copy and paste images * if you wish. However you can see around 55 Words to begin with, these appear on the first page when it is published. The reader has to click on the blog link to get the whole Full Screen and all the text/images.

So an option to get people reading more and going to your website/blog/page you need to link this.

So at the end of your text at a convenient point type the words Read More

Using your mouse highlight these typed words Read More, then go to the paperclip icon in the tool bar, hover over this and you will read Insert/Edit Link. Click on this and another box will appear asking you to paste the URL

This URL will be the page from which your blog comes from and will start https://www.

This will be found at the top of your screen on the page where your blog, you may need to click on it to reveal the whole address https://www. Copy and paste into this box

Then click on the blue button with the arrow in it the Apply

If you wish you can change these words of Read More to Bold text this point – makes it easier for the person reading that it will link somewhere by pressing B in the tool bar

So your Blog is eye-catching it’s advisable to feature a picture.

Under Featured Image

Click on Choose File

This will direct you to your computer’s file where you can find the appropriate picture to accompany your blog.

Find and click, Open. Once it is attached you will see the name image is now showing, with the words Image Shown on blog post

Scroll past the Submitting Content and Review Process if you have not already read this

Click in the Captcha, I am not a robot and OK Submit

You will now see that it is not instant – please read this.

If you were to go back into My Content you will see in the My Blog Posts it is Awaiting Moderation


You can also copy and paste images into the post if they are hosted online somewhere – including from facebook – You can format the post fully, using the top toolbar, in it’s extended mode toggle the button circled in blue


How to post an Event on the website

Read the instructions above to Log-On

On the left hand side is a List of prompts starting with Dashboard, underneath is My Content, click on this, you will now see My Events > Submit an Event

Enter Event Title

Enter Dates – if more than one day then enter the period of the event

Enter time only if one day otherwise leave blank

You can enter more detail such as times in the Event Short Description

Enter Location and More Detail of the Event in Description boxes

Contact email can be left blank

Read through the Review Process

Then tick in the Captcha to confirm you are not a robot

If you want a picture to feature then email an attached j.peg or png file  to and ask for it to be attached to the Event


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