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Judith says …

Craven Conservation Group  have a special speaker this Monday at
Townhead Court, Settle – therefore I am only going to put 5 events in
this update

Dr Sharon Parr will be talking about the Burren (an area of western
Ireland with lots of limestone pavement and special plants)- so this
talk will appeal to botanists and gardeners, to farmers,  to
geologists,  to lovers of Ireland, and to the plain curious.

Also as there are only 5 items you will have time cheer yourself up by
visiting Youtube:
Settle Shake at Settle Station- and
Settle Naked Man Shake or three together at:

Pic by Laura Mchale


1. Sat 23 Mar: The YNU Conference at York University
2. Sun 24 Mar: President of Methodist Conference at Burton-in-Lonsdale
3. Sun 24 Mar: Messy Church – for families – St John’s Church Hall. 3.30pm

4. Mon 25 Mar: Townhead Court: Burren Farm Conservation Programme CCG Talk
5. Mon 25 Mar:- Craven Speakers Club 7.45pm Skipton


1. The YNU Conference will be held on Saturday 23rd March 2013 at the
National Science and Learning Centre at York University. The theme
will be ‘Using Yorkshire’s Biological Data’. Please go to for latest details.

This costs £25 to non-members or £20 to members (so if you decide to
come and are a member of Craven Conservation Group then use that to
claim “members” rate). I will be going by train at 7.30am
from Settle Station.

It is a good chance to meet people from other Natural History
Societies, and to learn new things.

You can see what the new venue is like by reading the blog post
“Ten Reasons to Save Brownfield Sites”
written after last year’s conference.


2.  24 March – No Service in the morning at St John’s Methodist Church
Settle. Everyone is going to Burton-in-Lonsdale Methodist Church to
hear the President of Conference, Rev Mark Wakelin.

If you would like a lift, the bus will be leaving Whitefriars car park
at 9.30am and there are still a few spaces left. (Or ask me for more
details) You don’t have to be a Methodist to come.

“The President of Conference” is the Methodist Equivalent of the
Anglican’s Archbishop of Canterbury – though we get a new President of
Conference every year… It is an honour for Burton-in-Lonsdale Chapel


3.  24 March – Messy Church – for families – organised by Settle Churches
Together – in St John’s Church Hall. 3.30pm (for 4pm) to 5.30pm Craft
activities, short service (children oriented)  and meal. Please come
whatever your age.  The theme this time will be Noah’s Ark.


4.  25 March Townhead Court : Craven Conservation Group Illustrated
Talk by Dr Sharon Parr of “The Burren Farm Conservation Programme” 7.30pm.

I went to visit Sharon a few years ago and she showed me part of the

David Tayler and some farmers from Craven went to visit the project
last November.  They even visited “Father Ted’s House” and farm.

It will be interesting to hear about the farming problems and
solutions on the Irish limestone pavement and grassland, compared to
what we have here. Sharon has visited the Settle area briefly too –
and was fascinated by the  hazel in the Woods at Oxenber.

Do make an effort to come – Sharon is coming all the way from Ireland
(via Cheshire,) to give this talk.
Townhead Court BD24 9HY:- Up the road opposite Settle Petrol Station


5.  Mon 25 Mar:- Craven Speakers Club 7.45pm Skipton
All welcome.


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