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Settle Photographic Group – September

September is a free month for visitors!  Come and see what the group is like. 

What’s the September programme?

Monday 17 September 2018 19.30 Townhead Court, Settle
On Formats a talk by John Bentley

Remember the days when the only format for most people was 35mm, or medium format if you were really keen? John will talk about the bewildering array of different formats used by modern cameras and their implications for your photographs.

A Gallery of members’ images entitled More than One.

Friday 21 September 2018in the morning
Visit – Skipton Canal

There is much of interest to see and photograph around the canal basin in Skipton, as well as the branch along behind the castle. And if the excitement gets to be too much there are always the ducks to feed!

For information about our meetings and outings look on the spg website at for details.

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