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Settle Harlem Shake/ Gangnam Style

Sunday March 17th from 1.30pm – Meet in Booths Car Park, by Millenium Gardens

2 of the biggest Internet sensations this last year have been the song/video, Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake, both have been mainly massive because of You Tube videos.

Both have been replicated and spawned tons of similar videos, just for fun.

If you don’t know what they are have a look here –

Harlem Shake Info and Videos –

Gangnam Style – Original Video

Gangnam parodies –

The publicity and press created by these has been huge.

So, lets do a Settle One !!!

The idea is –
To Raise the profile of Settle – via the actual video, but also the publicity around it, using traditional press etc

Raise some £ for Cave Rescue – Donate here  or donations on the day – voluntary donations by participants – a pound or so into the bucket..  Also, if any business wants to get involved, and use their banner, flag etc in the video, then a larger donation is suggested  eg.- £20

Get some web traffic for all involved – links etc will be put on the web page I do for it – businesses, blogs, etc

To have some community fun,

At the moment, my idea is this: (any other ideas welcome – but, we need to take into account logistics)

To do a Harlem Shake Style Video, that then rolls into a Gangnam Style Video at several Iconic Settle Locations around town. Each Location Video will take a few minutes to set up, then a few minutes to film. After doing this in several locations, the videos will be edited into one, and uploaded for everyone to share.

Everyone is to meet up in Settle Primary School Playground at 1.30pm on Sunday 17th March. With whatever they want to wear, fancy dress wise, and props etc – see the videos for ideas, but basically, anything goes !! Age UK in Settle have some fancy dress upstairs I think … – If you want to dress up, or else, just come and dance/have fun. Bring your cameras as well, and bring your family who don’t want to do it, to film it for you. We can create a mash-up of all footage if you email it to us afterwards.

I’ll have a mobile PA system to play the music, and some video cameras to set up. I could do with some help to do this, if anyone can offer please. Steve Finch has offered to take stills photos during it

All the locations will be within walking distance around Settle, so please don’t drive. Suggested locations so far include:

Booths/Millennium Gardens

Victoria Hall

Settle Railway Station

The Naked Man

The Shambles / Market Place / Town Hall

The Weir/Settle Hydro

There is a Facebook Group here

For non facebook users – you can comment below:

If anyone wants to help, in any way, that would be great ! – Any graphic designers to create some publicity? Any tweeters / facebook sharers / bloggers to pass the word around, anyone with lots of silly hats, fancy dress etc to bring to lend out on the day? – Anything else ..?

It would be helpful to let me know if you can be there or if you know of any others who may be into it ….  Please tell folks, share the pages etc

If you want to email me on this

Lets have some fun, and promote Settle !!

Mark Dale

(Settle Festival)

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