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We are delighted at the publication of a brand new, full colour leaflet promoting Settle and the surrounding area. The leaflet is available from the Tourist Information Centre, various shops, pubs, cafes etc and will be placed in a large number of high footfall outlets within a 40 mile radius of Settle. The production of the leaflet has been co-ordinated by Vibrant Settle (many thanks to Frazer Hall for the excellent design!) and generously funded by the Chamber of Trade, Settle Town Council and Settle Market Traders. It is hoped that the leaflet will encourage many more visitors to come to Settle – Visitors make a very significant contribution to our local economy and without them many of our precious shops, cafes, B&Bs etc would be unsustainable.

Here are some links to The Settle Leaflet

Click The Pictures to ENLARGE  or Click the Links underneath to open  as PDF’s to print, download or distribute.

Cover : PDF Version

Map and Information : PDF Version

Settle Leaflet - Markets InformationMarket Information : PDF Version


5 Responses to Settle Leaflet

  1. Denise Hanson says:

    The pdf to the Settle leaflet doesn’t work

  2. Trish says:

    We are on holiday and use an iPad. PDF doesn’t work on an iPad, but if the resolution of the leaflet was better I could enlarge the copy here and read it. However it is simply blurred. Any chance of a better copy here? Might help others in future.

  3. Trish says:

    Sorry , just discovered how to enlarge it! Thanks.

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