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End of December News and Events around Settle


There will be a  New Year’s eve Charity Dance in aid of Victoria Hall.  The venue will be St Mary and St Michael Catholic Church Hall, and not Victoria Hall as previously advertised. Reservations can be made via 01729 823259 / 824038.This event will run from 8pm until after midnight and all are welcome. Please note that there will be a Jacobs Join supper at this event.


The first foreign film of 2017 will be shown at Victoria Hall on Wednesday  4th January and is in Hindi, Catalan (with English subtitles) & English. Traces of Sandalwood is the story of a Bollywood star searching for her long lost sister. It is a  story of hope and love from Mumbai to Barcelona and back. Doors open at 7 pm with showing commencing at 7.45pm. All tickets: £5 on the door.


The first walks of the new year will take place on the weekend of 14 & 15 January. The walk on Saturday 14 will be a 12 mile moderately strenuous walk from Hellifield to Cracoe leaving Hellified at 9.40 and making use of a service bus from Cracoe to Skipton.  On 15 January there will be a 12 mile moderately strenuous walk from Horton to Settle via the Ribble Way. This leaves Horton in Ribblesdale at 10.20am .All participants are reminded that it is their responsibility to make sure  that they are appropriately clothed, carry a packed lunch where required and have suitable footwear.  Details of all walks can  be found at


The group’s first meeting of the new year  will take place on Monday 16 January at Townhead Court at 7.30pm when the theme will be “Night Photography”. This will take a look at working in the dark, including the practical aspects and some creative possibilities. The gallery will focus on the group’s exhibition at The Gallery on the Green, which opens on 15 January.


A reminder that St John’s Methodist Church welcome you to the Coffee Pot every Tuesday morning between 10 -noon and is open to everyone, including visitors to the town. There is home baking, fresh coffee and a warm welcome guaranteed. The first Tuesday in the month is a charity coffee pot with donations to a charity nominated by that month’s organiser.


There is still time to visit the The Christmas Exhibition at the Gallery on the Green. The exhibition has already been featured in the Yorkshire post as one of the best places to view Christmas Art and runs until 14 January. This year’s installation has been provided by Settle Flagmakers, under the guidance of Jeanne Carr and  features a winter wonderland with penguins sliding down a waterfall and generally having fun in a wintry landscape.  The display includes a small supply of chocolate money – this time at the bottom of the waterfall, with visitors invited to take a coin. And if previous years are anything to go by, generous adult visitors will add to the supply during the month that the exhibition is on display.


Variety is certainly the spice of life at Victoria Hall in January with a programme which includes, music, poetry and wrestling!  On Saturday 14th January star of Country Music television Des Horsfall is back in Settle for a return visit.  On 20 January Megaslam Wrestling, a Professional Wrestling organisation presenting our family entertainment events, comes to Settle with a show unlike any other. Then on 21 January Bill Adair and Pandora’s Handbag return to entertain in A Celebration of Burns. Complete with a [iper, songs, poetry, and a super supper of haggis, neeps and tatties the Burns Supper is  an annual favourite. For details of all events and bookings contact 01729 825718 or contact


An eight week mindfulness course will commence in the new year at Hellifield. Sessions will take place at Goal Cottage between 10-12.30pm on Thursdays from 19 January onwards.  For details and bookings please contact 07803 721135.



A roaring fire, a cosy lounge, subdued light, mulled wine and mince pies – and the ultimate story-teller, Santa Claus himself. This really was a very special way to make Christmas memories for children aged 6-10. Having been greeted by the elves and Rudolph the children sang songs to encourage Santa to visit and what a fantastic Santa he was. Every inch of his costume was exactly as you would find it in a picture book, from his polished leather boots through to his wonderful curling hair and beard. His manner with the children was particularly striking, taking time to listen to each one and to encourage them all to participate without ever allowing one to dominate the session or shout the others down. This is no mean task with a group of hyped up children in Christmas week and is a skill which allied to his storytelling ability made for a perfect family friendly afternoon.  A key to all the stories was encouraging the audience to participate in shaping the stories so that they actually wanted to listen and see how it would develop. This also makes the storytelling experience very real to the audience as it is not a familiar tale being retold but a story which they are devising. Therefore in the first tale involved a challenge to the elves to come up with a way of filling Santa’s workshop with “Christmas” in order to win the honour of assisting Santa with his deliveries.  The children rapidly came up with lots of ideas, all of which Santa discovered had down sides ( a masterly example of thinking on his feet from the storyteller), until they finally came up with a feasible answer. The second story involved lots of audience participation in terms of actions and memory games with all kinds of creatures becoming involved in the fight to free Santa the night he got stuck in the chimney. Next we learned what happened to the grumpy snowman and how the next year a child ensured that the snowmen were softhearted – I strongly suspect that if it snows over the next few weeks a number of marshmallows may well go missing! Finally we learned how the fox tricked the bear and how the bear ended up with a short and stumpy tail.  This really was an enchanting experience in every meaning of the work and one which I am sure will live on in the memories of the children who took part, long after they have tired with dvds and x-box games.

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