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Creating their own take on Traditional Celtic folk, Ferocious Dog takes the traditional

instruments; fiddles, whistles, mandolins and mixes them up with a bit of, raw, buzz saw

rock n’ roll attitude. With their unique, aggressive yet feel-good music they tear up

venues across the country often bringing their faithful Hell Hounds along for the ride.

For many years Ferocious Dog have appeared at small venues and pubs, until in 2009

where the band were given the opportunity to play at Bearded Theory Festival, they

went down a storm, were asked to return the following years and ultimately playing the

main stage in 2012 where their popularity grew tenfold. After this opportunity, gig and

festival offers from all over the county starting coming in thick and fast, and on the back

an eponymous album, Ferocious Dog are playing and headlining festivals across the


They made history this year by become the only unsigned act to ever sell out the

Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, not only once but twice. With a successful 2014 autumn

tour including sold-out shows, and with their new guitarist, 2015 is already looking

bright, catch this band whilst you can – you will not be disappointed.

“As someone who has played with the Levellers, Oysterband and Wonderstuff…

Ferocious Dog are carrying on the tradition of folk rock the way it was meant to be

done” – Dan Donnelly

“The bite, here, is as fierce as the bark. But Ferocious Dog makes subtly persuasive

sounds, too. In a field full of would-be wolves… They’re out for a long run.” – Nick



‘Ferocious Dog’ – straight from the heart and not for the faint hearted(July 29, 2013)

Folk punk says it all. Consider the band’s name’, Ferocious Dog leaves little room for doubt. Then again,

there’s a lot to be said for removing ambiguity from the outset. And that’s what you get from Ferocious

Dog’s self-titled debut album – nothing ambiguous, nothing diluted, nothing toned down – just pedal-to-
the-metal, high-energy folk punk.

So what do we have here? Their guitar riffs could tear up the tarmac, bass lines drive nails through steel

and withering fiddle breaks slash the air; there’s also haunting melodies and barbed lyrics that add iron

and intent to their songs. You’re into it from the start with ‘The Glass’, off into an energetic step with

‘Lee’s Tune’ and rocking out with ‘On The Rocks’. The faintly plaintive opening of ‘Too Late’ gives way to

a frantic percussion race and vicious fiddle attack, there’s a similar feel to the powerful ‘Lyla’, while the

biting observation of ‘Freeborn John’ proves that nothing changes; well not for ordinary folk anyway. With

more machine-gun percussion, searing fiddle and rabid vocals ‘Hell Hounds’ takes no prisoners, while

the essence of rebellion oozes through ‘Quiet Paddy’ with a chunk of tough lyrics. These are songs that

broadcast worth-hearing, tough messages, listen to ‘Criminal Justice’ juxtaposing simple string-led

sections with frenetic liberation or the pointed observation of ‘Blind Leading The Blind’.

I’ll refrain from making ‘sounds like’ statements about Ferocious Dog, no doubt many will. You can make

your own comparisons. However, among the well-known and not so well-known folk punk genre bands,

Ferocious Dog is up there with the best of them.

Dedicated to the memory of Lee Bonsall, one of our soldiers haunted by PTSD, this is an album raging

against the machine, it’s folk fighting for our rights, a whirlwind of accusation and a blunt refusal to

compromise … straight from the heart and not for the faint hearted … and it’s also bloody good fun.

Take a chance, be ready to dance, find Ferocious Dog here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll


“Opening up the Jagermeister Stage we have those mad hounds at FEROCIOUS DOG. One of

our most established bands, it’s really hard to think of an act more suited to opening a festival

stage because these guys make it look so much fun. Their fast folk literally has people swinging

each other by the arms, the Jagermeister Stage is turned into a full-blown Ceilidhe and made

all the better for it. Intricate fiddle solos, clever lyrics and sheer showmanship – these guys

nailed it.” Great review by Maddie at Nusic


For a PDF of this Press Release click here Ferocious Dog Press Release

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