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Job Vacancy – Skate Park Project Manager

Settle Skate Park Project

Client Brief for a Project Manager

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Project Authority

Client: Settle Town Council

Locations of works

Bond Lane Play Area Settle BD24 9DW

General background regarding the site


The Bond Lane Play Park is an open site with the designated area for the skate park potentially forming a kidney shape.

The site is surrounded by a mix of residential housing, retail (supermarket adjacent) and a primary school.

Two side of the site have roads which separate them from housing and the entrance to the car park of the supermarket.

The site is mainly mown grass with a mature tree and several other mixed tree species.


There is no street lighting on site, however the pavements on the adjacent footpaths and roads are lit, next to the primary school and next to the supermarket car park.


The current site is a fenced play. It caters for children aged to 14 years. There is an adult gym area which will be relocated to accommodate the skate park.


There is currently no formal provision for sport within the site.


There are 2 entrances to the site. One off Bond Lane in the entrance to the Supermarket, and the other off the car park via a large footpath leading next to the school footpath entrance.


There is no dedicated car parking for the site. There is parking at Booths supermarket for 2 hours.

There is a bus stop on Bond Lane.

Usage observed on site, a pedestrian route to the local supermarket and children playing

in the existing children’s play area and access to Settle Primary School.


In consultations with the local community and youth over the last 16 years it has been established that they would like more outside activities in the Settle Area in the form of a skate park combined with a BMX track and scooter facilities.

Funding for the project was secured from various sources including S106 monies, a legacy fund, the National Lottery and local community fund raising by the Youth, this has been match funded by Sport England.

Construction cost for the project is £100,000 A contingency sum of £9,000 will need to be

incorporated into the initial construction cost for unforeseen variations

Therefore, total construction budget is £100,000 + £9,000 = £109,000


Specific criteria have to be met for the Sport England grant and planning approval is required for the lighting.


A topographical survey has not yet been carried out identifying the topographic nature of the site

and existing services running through it. Although the Town Council have a copy of the existing drainage plans.

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Timescale of the project.


Service requirements

The Project Manager will:

  • Act as a single point of contact for the client Settle Town Council (STC) and be responsible

for effective Contract Administration duties including co-ordination and delivery of all

multidiscipline design services and products that are provided in connection with the project.


  • Take full responsibility for the coordination and delivery of all project design information,

including chairing and co-ordinating project design meetings as and when requested by STC, including reporting to the client STC or the project lead officer on the collation of any such information and related end products necessary for the successful delivery of the project.


  • Ensure that all necessary approvals are achieved, coordinate the work, communicate directly on any related technical matters back to the client STC.


  • Co-ordinate with the STC and its employees in respect of project design proposals and the delivery of the project in general.


  • Work in close liaison with all other STC and any appointed consultants separately appointed by STC.


  • Submit the necessary Building Control applications as required.


  • Liaise with Settle Town Council and prepare regular updates and reports as required.


  • Liaise with all interested third parties with regards to the overall design scheme.(Settle Primary School and Booths Supermarket District and County Councils).


  • Co-ordinate and manage the progress in respect of all project design team matters and collate all existing information.
  • Produce the construction-related outline design (for development by the D&B Contractor

that is appointed).

  • Establish, motivate and lead the D & B contractor, including all project related internal

and external design teams – including council officers, consultants and specialist service

providers; taking responsibility for the delivery of the overall project design.


  • Issue/produce and co-ordinate the tender and contract documentation alongside the

information provided by all other appointed consultants (and the D&B Contractor) – including

collating all Tender and Construction drawing information.


  • Undertake quality monitoring of all works on site.


  • Ensure that the overall project design is delivered within budget.


  • Effectively manage the project programme to ensure delivery of the project to the agreed



  • Respond proactively to information requests throughout the project, including liaison with

team members, presentation of reports, project updates and establishing and maintaining

positive public relations in relation to the overall design in response to any press interest that

may exist.



  • Ensuring the application of best practice contract administration techniques throughout the

project to enable the delivery of a high quality scheme, meeting project requirements and

client expectations.


  • Provide Contract Administration, Architectural (including Landscape Architectural),

Mechanical and Electrical, Structural Engineering and CDM C duties for the outline design

and construction implementation phase.


  • Taking full responsibility for all architectural (including landscape architectural), mechanical

& electrical and structural engineering related services (including building surveying) as may

be necessary for the successful development and delivery of the project.


  • Assess the site, establish and agree on a proposed construction traffic access route and any

relevant ground stabilization measures that may be needed, including facilitating all such

matters to a satisfactory conclusion.


  • Progress outline design drawings and associated details necessary for tendering purposes.


  • Services are to be provided shall be in accordance with the professional guidelines and

approved code of professional conduct.


  • Seek confirmation of instructions from the Client STC describing the requirements in respect

of the works – identifying what is to be achieved; including cost and programme.


  • Obtain information that is reasonably available on the existence and extent of existing

services, installations and comment to the Client STC on any effect that these may have on

the works both during the design phase and construction phase.


  • To include any M&E related design work that is needed.


  • Undertake a mechanical and electrical engineering review exercise upon tender return, as



  • Review contractors design calculations as appropriate including but not limited to review of

contractors and suppliers installation drawings and builders work details as required.


  • Establish on site by means of sample areas as required, agreed quality of workmanship for

mechanical and electrical engineering services and provide guidance to the Client STC

regarding quality control and detailed coordination.


  • Attend monthly site contract meetings – advise the Client STC at all stages with regards

valuations and workmanship of works carried out.


  • Make an inspection and witness testing of the fabric, any mechanical and electrical

engineering services incorporated in the project on completion of works; including preparing

snagging lists.


  • Examine contractors commissioning results as needed, advising on criteria for acceptability
  • Ensure that two copies of an operation and maintenance manual (O&M Manual/H&S File) is

compiled for the Skate Park and forwarded to STC.


  • Comply, incorporate and co-ordinate as needed regarding accepted recommendations that

have been identified in previously commissioned survey reports and inspections (as details

become available). Also, dealing with any related resolution matters that may exist.


  • Applying for and obtaining the necessary planning and building regulation approvals and

undertaking an initial assessment and enquiries regarding any archaeological or bat surveys

that may be required.

  • All conditions of the appointment contract with Settle Town Council to be complied with,

including insurances.


It will be the Project Manager’s responsibility to obtain all information necessary to complete the

services within the approved project programme and budget, obtain all necessary approvals,

coordinate mechanical, electrical, architectural/landscape architectural and structural engineering

services with the work of other members of the project team and communicate directly on technical

matters with the client. The Project manager will coordinate with the client STC in respect to

programme, approvals and budgets.


Form of Contract – The Project Manager to produce a draft agreement.

More Details About The Project 

Download/view  this as a pdf 

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