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  • Langcliffe News 24 th July 2020

Langcliffe News 24 th July 2020

Church. Residents and visitors gathered around the Langcliffe Fountain, which is also the
village War Memorial, to commemorate the Dedication and Unveiling of the village War
Memorial exactly 100 years ago. Following the original service sheet, with the addition of
poems and readings, the service was led by the Revd. Stephen Dawson and began with a
beautiful solo, by Cheryl Arbor, who sang ‘The Resurrection Morn’.
A century ago, the design of the Memorial Cross was chosen by the families of those who
had died in both World Wars. The octagonal base of the original Victorian fountain was
retained, and the stone cross mounted in the centre.
The Memorial was unveiled by Lt. Colonel Charles Bateman, commanding officer of the 16 th
Battalion, Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, which Langcliffe School’s Headmaster, Claude
Bennet belonged . The date chosen for the original service was the 17 th July 1920, to which
was the third anniversary of the death of Claude Bennett, who was killed in action on the 17 th
July 1917.

Institute. Chairman, Eric Parker, has convened a second extraordinary meeting of the
Trustees to discuss when the Institute might resume some activities safely. Linda Evans has
undertaken a remote training course run by the Craven Community Building and Village Hall
Parish Council. Councillor Helen Jarvis attended a remote course run by the National
Association of Local Councils to further her understanding of what councillors need to know.
It was called ‘Spreading your Wings’.

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