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We are now open for business!


It’s been a while in coming, but I’m delighted that we are now accepting applications to our LEADER Programme. We have started with Capital only Calls for project applications, that is we are not funding any revenue expenditure as yet.


I thought it might be helpful to share some of the Frequently Asked Questions I have received recently.


How do I apply and am I eligible?

All of the information you need to apply at the Outline Application stage is on our website on the page “How to Apply”. That page links to the LEADER Outline Application form and also links to a sample Full Application. Any queries about the paperwork or eligibility, please email or telephone me.


In the LEADER National Handbook my project is eligible but in your Call for Applications I am not – why is that?

The LEADER National Handbook contains general areas of national eligibility. LEADER is bottom up in that the focus of its funding is decided at a local level to meet local identified areas of need; this is then documented in a Local Development Strategy. The areas or activity that is funded locally are decided locally and some activity listed in the LEADER National Handbook may not be a local priority.

Our Calls for applications are very specific in the areas we want to fund for this coming financial year; please read both the Call document and the Advice Note: Am I eligible document very carefully to avoid disappointment. Not all projects enquiries will be eligible under this first round of funding; they may be eligible under subsequent Calls in 2017/18.


What happens when I submit an Outline Application to you?

I have 10 working days to check that the Outline Application is Eligible to apply under the specific Call for Applications that we have open and under the regulations in LEADER National Handbook (also on our website). If it is Eligible I will check the Application is complete – as in all of the relevant sections of information have been filled in. If your Outline Application is both Eligible and Complete I will immediately issue you a Full Application form and Guidance notes! I can advise applicants with completing the Full Application.


Do I wait until the deadline to submit an Outline Application?

No, the deadline date is the last possible date to submit by for two reasons:

1.     If the Outline Application is incomplete it will be returned for resubmission. If the Outline Call deadline has already passed the application will have to wait for the next funding Round. If there is no further funding Rounds in the Call, the Outline Application may be rejected.

2.     The sooner an Outline Application is submitted, the sooner it can be checked and the sooner applicants  may be issued with the Full Application form. The Full Application is a complete picture of the project proposal. It makes sense to have as much time as possible to complete a Full Application as the Full Application form must be accompanied by all quotes, accounts and is formally appraised and scored by our Accountable Body, North Yorkshire County Council before going for a formal decision on granting the funding.


4.     In short I strongly recommend that applicants submit the Outline Application as far before the Outline Application deadline date as possible.


Full details of each funding call along with guidance notes and information on how to apply are available on our website:



Best wishes

Rima Berry
Programme Co-ordinator

Phone: 01524 251002
Fax: 01524 251150

Mobile: 07904 501049

Programme Co-ordinator – LEADER, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, Old Post Office, Main Street, Clapham. LA2 8DP.

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