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‘Miles More Meadows’ in the Dales

Charity appeals for donations to support
‘Miles More Meadows’ in the Dales

A Yorkshire charity is urging people to take advantage of a scheme to double the impact of their donations this April, to help expand wildflower-rich habitats in the Dales and give nature a fighting chance.

The ‘Miles More Meadows’ appeal, run by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT), will launch on 20 April and for one week people will have the chance to double their donations via The Big Give website at

IMAGE: Species-rich hay meadow near Stalling Busk, by Don Gamble

Wildflower meadows can support more than 700 species of wild plants, a diverse range of wildlife and are crucial in addressing biodiversity loss and climate change. In the Yorkshire Dales upland meadows are home to many priority plants and wildlife – bumblebees, bats, hedgehogs, hares, and our iconic curlew. But with more than 97% of our meadows already lost these extraordinary ecosystems are becoming increasingly rare and fragmented.

YDMT Chief Executive David Sharrod said: “The loss of wildflower-rich habitats is the most significant reason behind the drastic declines in pollinator populations. Much of our surviving wildflower-rich habitat now exists as just small fragments, leaving populations of invertebrates isolated from each other, separated by intensively managed farmland and by our towns and cities.”


Since 2006, YDMT has led efforts to counter this decline through restoration and better management of species-rich hay meadows. Donations to the ‘Miles More Meadows’ campaign will build on their work to restore meadows on a field-scale, re-introduce rarer wildflower species and create small community wildflower patches.

Alongside farmers and communities, YDMT aims to establish a mosaic of connected wildflower-rich habitats for wildlife, ensuring this rich habitat is managed to give the greatest benefit for biodiversity and climate.

From 20-27 April donations made to the Miles More Meadows campaign through the Big Give website can be doubled. To donate visit

About Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust:

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) is a small charity doing big things to support the people, landscape and wildlife of the Dales.

To date the charity has helped to deliver inspiring projects in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. These projects cover areas as diverse as countryside apprenticeships, supporting local communities, education and outreach, restoring woodlands and wildlife habitats, and improving access and understanding of this special place.

The Trust has recruited more than 60,000 supporters to date. Find out more at


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