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Plastic Free Settle

Can we make Settle Plastic Free?

Would you like to help Settle become a plastic free community? That is to reduce the single use plastics e.g. drinks bottles, coffee cups and lids, packaging, bags used in the town?

Plastic Free Settle Business Toolkit – to view or download here 

This article is available as a pdf to download and share  – here – Plastic Free Settle


Why would you ?

Single use plastics are a waste of resources, most are made from fossil fuels and require energy to manufacture. They are often discarded carelessly and end up in rivers and thence the sea. The impact of this includes: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area of ocean covered in plastic which is 3 times the size of France; turtles eating plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish; seabirds found with their stomachs full of plastic items; plastic debris getting lodged in coral and affecting the health of reefs; microplastics being consumed by animals like plankton, passing the problem back up the food chain – to us.

What are Plastic Free Communities?

Plastic free communities began in Cornwall as an initiative of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), they began with beach cleans and have expanded to a nationwide network of communities who are reducing their use of plastic. Over 120 Towns and villages have achieved accreditation from SAS as plastic free communities and hundreds more are working towards this goal. The nearest accredited communities are Longridge, Ramsbottom and Denholme.

Why should Settle join in?

To reduce our impact on the environment, every plastic bottle helps! It sends a  positive message for visitors which may help tourism and reduce litter. We could be a trail blazer in the area – others may follow!

What does accreditation involve?

Setting up a steering group – which must have at least one councillor as a member. Settle Town Council,  Giggleswick Parish Council and Action on Climate Emergency (ACE) have agreed to take part and to support the initiative. Schools must be involved, and at least 3 businesses must become accredited plastic free businesses. Events such as litter picks and tree guard removal can also contribute.


You can sign up to become a plastic free business champion here:

Or  contact Rosie Sanderson on 01729 825944 or

Importantly please note that any actions you have already taken to reduce single use plastics can be counted towards accreditation.


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