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Settle Town Council Report

Settle Town Council Report January 2016

Tour De Yorkshire Settle 29 April 2016

As most will be aware by now the Tour De Yorkshire Cycle Race is coming to Settle and Giggleswick.

The finish will be in the Market Place, details of the route can be found on the TDY website. TDY Route maps

Craven District Council are the event organisers for the finish in Settle and Welcome to Yorkshire/ASO (Amaury Sporting Organisation) are responsible for the route. CDC will pay a hosting fee of £100k to ASO who are the organisers of the race. An additional budget of £70k has been agreed by CDC for the event infrastructure needed in the town as well as a festival subsite. Additional funding will be sourced from partner organisations and local businesses.

Anyone businesses interested are welcome to attend the Road Show on 12th January at 6:30p.m in Victoria Hall. To book your place visit the

Sharon Hudson will chair the Steering group and is the overall lead for the project for CDC. A Project Officer will be appointed. CDC will be responsible for producing an Event Management Plan for the finish in Settle and the subsite /festival site and any associated activities. CDC will recruit an Event Management Company to complete this piece of work. The event organiser CDC is responsible for Stewards, Barriers, First Aid, Radio Communications, toilets etc.

There will also be an operational /delivery group in place with Officers from CDC and Rebecca Hill from Settle Town Council.

Full road closures are expected in the centre of Settle for most of Friday 29th April to enable the finish to be set up. The finish will be approx. 4:30pm. Exact timings will depend on the scheduling of the TV coverage.

The Council has been asked for a logo to be used on promotional material for the Tour De Yorkshire the Council took this opportunity to refresh the existing logo in order to comply with accessibility and enable it to be used in a digital format that is compatible with social media and many other uses.

Town Council Vacancies

There are still 2 places left on the Town Council. Candidates who live within 3 miles of the Parish Boundary are welcomed and anyone interested can write or email the Clerk. Further information about being a town councillor can be obtained from the Clerk or a Councillor or by attending a Town Council meeting, the next scheduled meetings for this year are Monday 4th January, 1st February and 7th March 2016 at 7pm upstairs in the Town Council Meeting room, Town Hall. Please check the website for any changes to these dates and future agendas at

Update on Parking on the Market Place and the surrounding streets.

North Yorkshire County Council will be sending the information to their legal section this week to arrange the writing of the draft order and advertising.

The matter will then be reported to NYCC Executive Members meeting in the New Year unless Cllr Welch wishes for it to go to area committee first in which case the next available meeting for that is in March. Any comments to go to NYCC.

Cycle Stands A grant application has been submitted to Craven District Council for cycle stands near the Market Place. They will be situated on the hatched area in front of the Shambles.

Action Plan for Settle Market Town and update on the Public Conveniences

The Town Council will be working with Craven District Council to produce an Action Plan for the Market Town. Which will focus on the enhancing and improving the economic viability of the Market Town. Already an amount of £15k has been allocated to the refurbishment of the Public Conveniences. A total of £100k has been allocated to support the plan. Any ideas or suggestion for specific projects can be sent to the

A working party has been formed with Craven District Council, Settle Town Council and the Chamber of Trade to report to the Town Council.


Street Lighting – Change of Contractor

The Council would like to extend their warmest thanks and appreciation to Lol Phillipson & Son for repairing and maintaining the street lighting for the last 25+years. We wish him and Gary all the best. The Council tendered for a new contractor and with effect from the 1st January North Yorkshire County Council will be repairing, maintaining and improving the Street Lighting in Settle.

There will be a new system of fault reporting in place. All the lights have been added to an electronic mapping system and numbered for ease of identification.

The Map will be displayed on the Council’s website with the numbered columns. To report a fault please ring (01729 823617) or email the clerk with the street light location and how long it has been faulty. Please tell us if it is completely off/ intermittent or provide some other description.


The Council have applied for funding to improve the drainage and have culverts repaired on the Dog Meadow site. Tree removal and pruning on both allotment sites should take place in January.

Annual Fair

The Operator decided not to attend in September but has intimated that they may consider bringing the Fair at Easter.

Donations /Grant Applications 2015-16

Applications for grants or donations are now dealt with on an application basis.

The scheme will support both capital and revenue projects. Projects with a total cost of £2,000 and below will be eligible to apply for funding. The last round of bids supported Settle Stories, Settle Victoria Hall Settle Parish Church and The Christmas Lights team.

Any community or charitable group interested the forms, guidelines and further detail are on the website. The next deadline for applications is the 28 February 2016 with a total fund available of £3,000.


For any information or queries about anything in this article please contact the Clerk: Rebecca Hill on Tel: 01729 823617 or email: or write to Settle Town Council, Town Hall, Market Place, Settle BD24 9EJ or speak to one of your councillors (list of contacts on the website or on the Town Hall Noticeboard)

All notices of the agenda and minutes are on the website

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