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Scaleber Foss

Scaleber Foss/Scaleber Force is a stunning, tumbling waterfall located a couple of miles outside Settle (it is accessed from the (very steep) Malham road).

Driving from Settle to Malham, you wouldn't realise that you were just a few metres away from this stunning example of a Yorkshire Dales waterfall - but step over the wall and you are quickly greeted by the most incredible sound and sight of the crashing water.

Scaleber looks particularly impressive in the ice - with incredible icicle formations on each level.

The falls can be accessed by a well marked footpath - although it is a tricky one to negotiate (very steep with slippy/eroded tree roots). There is a viewing point from the top though - so the waterfall can easily be seen within a minute of climbing over the stone stile from the road (although the stone stile means it is not easily accessed by all).

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