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Without doubt the greatest attraction Settle, The Three Peaks and Malham has to offer is the magnificent scenery and environment, managed and protected so well by the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Established in 1954, The Yorkshire Dales National Park is one of the largest and arguably the finest National Park in the country.

The history, culture and natural environment having been protected, has allowed the area to welcome visitors to a wide range of attractions and places of interest with the knowledge that they are able to enjoy the area without causing harm.

Life in the Dales continues much as it has for generations, while people are able to come and enjoy outdoor activities or visit the many attractions.
The natural attractions such as Malham Cove and Goredale Scar attract many thousands of visitors every year, though still maintain their air of grandeur and amazement.

Show caves give a glimpse of the underground world which honeycombs the area, education and conservation establishments give an insight into farm life, and the magnificent birds of prey that once ruled the Dales sky.

One of our greatest attractions demonstrates the ability of man to tame even the harshest environment. The Settle Carlisle Railway which crosses some of the most beautiful, powerful and inspiring upland scenery in the country should not be missed.

The Dales Discoveries Website below is a wealth of further information about the whole of the Yorkshire Dales